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Latest From Resistance Kitchen

On Tuesday 21st May the we joined a stop deportation action at Stonebridge Lodge in Thornton Heath, just a few streets from our kitchen.

Last July a black mother, Jocelyn Agyemang, whilst travelling on the bus with her young son on Whitehorse Road, less than two mile from our kitchen, was attacked by the police..

Following the passing of the Rwanda bill last month, the government has started abducting asylum seekers from our door step - Lunar House in Croydon for deportation to Rwanda. We can't let the targeting of the most vulnerable in our community go unchallenged, the Resistance Kitchen has joined the campaign to stop deportations to Rwanda.

Next week, on May 2nd 2024, our London Mayoral and London Assembly elections will take place..

This week the kindness and humanity of our guests touched our hearts..

Despite the extreme weather conditions this week, the kitchen ran smoothly...

This week we joined in a local initiative for voter registration. Marginal communities like the one we serve often have no voice in the halls of power...

This week we welcomed the blessed month of Ramadan...

On 24th January, the Resistance Kitchen joined a protest outside Lambeth Town Hall to support an immediate ceasefire to end the genocide in Gaza.

Letter Of Support To BMA

The Resistance Kitchen sent a letter of support to the British Medical Association, which last week called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

In Solidarity With Palestine

Today the Resistance Kitchen proudly flew the Palestinian flag in solidarity with the people of Gaza...

It was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that declared "there is no such thing as society – there are [only] individual men and women.." that "people must look after themselves". We are still seeing this legacy of denying community being pushed by today's elite.