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In Solidarity With Palestine

Today the Resistance Kitchen proudly flew the Palestinian flag in solidarity with the people of Gaza...

It was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that declared "there is no such thing as society – there are [only] individual men and women.." that "people must look after themselves". We are still seeing this legacy of denying community being pushed by today's elite.

Someone once said “the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” Despite being ruled by an uncaring elite focused on greed and personal gain, we live in a caring community of generous souls. Every week we see some of that generosity at our kitchen.

Three examples of how systemic racism impacts communities in our borough of Croydon.

Today we met a teenage boy who was an asylum seeker from a war torn African country. Although just a child, he had arrived alone without family, crossing the dangerous sea on a small boat...

In this article we cut through the government propaganda about asylum seekers and refugees...

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